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"ALCATRAZ"2016.; "Vision of Discernment" Abstract Painting series;


The "ALCATRAZ" 2016 paintings have a grid 54"x54" square images as under-painting in a unique way

for each titled painting, and the finish or over-painting is painted in a couple different applications/techniques.


All images are "internet as vehicle" "compositional sequencing" artworks in a 9x9 grid format @ ALCATRAZ2016. 

and are all combined as 1 artwork with the main URL and each painting has its own unique 

URL presence and is also a Limited Edition work in multiple medium.


The online presence of the artworks and the Limited Edition works in multiple medium support the Jungian 

"Synchronicity" of "the more conscious consciousness in a work of art the better". Reinhardt c.1959

And in the "internet as vehicle" medium are the Visual Art realization of Duchamp c.1922 and his concept/

working towards the aesthetic phenomena of making; "ultra-rapid exposure" in a work of art.



"ALCATRAZ"2016 Abstract Painting series Art Concept Statement


The "ALCATRAZ"2016 Abstract paintings are made from walking around and in San Francisco and observing.

I have often thought of and looked at Alcatraz Island and it's position in the beautiful San Francisco Bay and although there are other islands in the SF Bay, they are sometimes disorienting. Whereas Alcatraz Island stands out as the referential landmark and maintains its striking individuality.


From an early age I have known Alcatraz was a high security prison and have heard the stories of the brutal and

punishing time prisoners have there and the crimes committed to arrive there. And heard all the stories of possible 

escape and attempted escape. Yet it has always been the beauty of Alcatraz in its location in San Francisco Bay 

that has impressed me.


In 1971-1973 I made a painting in mixed media "Circular Perspective" (55'x20") that is a 360 continuous view of the San Francisco Bay from the top of Angel Island, and Alcatraz is rendered in this long painting on a scroll of paper. 


I have always looked at Alcatraz as a beautiful little island that was free and open to the water.


I love the sound of saying the name, and it means in Spanish; Pelican, a large brown bird native to the area;

that is often seen swooping under the Golden Gate Bridge. 


The "ALCATRAZ"2016 series of Abstract paintings are engaged with various thoughts/images about being imprisoned in such a remarkable setting, and how freedom contrasts with incarceration and continues to have effect on humanity whether the individual is free or not, and reflect on what may foster and create freedom and not freedom.


These Abstract paintings are dedicated to my Father, Norman Edmund Shaw, a native San Franciscan and who 

fought and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and passed unexpectedly in 1960.




Peter Shaw


San Francisco California

650 704-7570


note: (the "Alcatraz" painting series was figured out as an artwork to make in early 2014)



(54"x54") acrylic and pigmented ink on primed canvas





(54"x54") acrylic and pigmented ink on primed canvas




(54"x54") acrylic and pigmented ink on primed canvas





(54"x54") acrylic and pigmented ink on primed canvas





(54"x54") acrylic and pigmented ink on primed canvas




(54"x54") acrylic and pigmented ink on primed canvas



Currently Showing/installed in San Francisco: "OVER-OVER" painting series





Peter Shaw 

California San Francisco Artist living and working in San Francisco CA



Peter Shaw is a San Francisco based Painter, Environmental Artist, and New Media Artist whose work draws 

inspiration from mid-century minimalists such as Ad Reinhardt, Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich. 

Shaw's sculptures; thin lines of steel embedded in landscapes, evoke the barest elements of movement 

and geometry, a row of lines, a graceful arc, a perfect circle. Drawing on his background in Environmental 

Design, Shaw sites his sculptures within natural environments to create a harmonious mix of organic 

and manufactured worlds. In 1991 Shaw won the International Environmental Art Competition

at the University of California at Davis with his work "Memorial Orchard" 1991.


Shaw's paintings and digital/new media works explore the physics and purity of color, often on a grand scale. 

Shaw's series of "100 BLUE" 2001-2007 (100 Blue, 21 Blue,11 Blue) consists of a progression of perfect blue 

squares that graduate from barely perceptible to nearly black. The technological precision in these works extends 

Reinhardt and Malevich's experiments in color into a contemporary setting; without advances in computer 

capabilities, Shaw's meticulous delineations of color would have remained simply a theoretical exercise.


FACE2015 is a New Media Abstract Art work that premiered with "VENICE to VENICE; from BERLIN"

in Synchronicity in SPRING 2015 as a revolutionary Art work, with deep aesthetic layers with the "internet

as vehicle"; "FACE2015"; "the internet of Nothing; the Soul of connectedness" "


          COLOR2016. will be first exhibited "on Wall" in San Francisco in Fall 2016 and in synchronicity on every 

          device and cross-platform as a "compositional sequence" "internet as vehicle" and "product as medium"

          New Media Art work with an Environmental Art presence: 

          COLOR2016."Synchronicity; Consciousness of Color"


Peter Shaw was born in California, and graduated Cum Laude from the University of California Berkeley 

in 1973, where he studied and gradated in Environmental Design and Art Practice. Shaw's work has been 

exhibited in Japan, Holland, France, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and San Francisco.